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Hey, Neil here. 

Do you ever feel like some of your favorite songs seem too complicated to learn or out of your skill level to play? 

Do you wish you could have a repertoire of popular song favorites at your fingertips to play for yourself or for friends every time you pick up the guitar? 

What if I could show you how to play all of your favorites from artists like CCR, The Beatles, Dylan, Van Morrison, Prince, and more by only having to learn 4-chords? 

Would you want to know how? 

I remember when I picked up the guitar for the first time. 

I wanted to learn how to play just like some of my guitar inspirations. I loved the idea of being able to rock out like John Renbourn, John Fahey, and Jorma Kaukonen.

The only trouble was learning and progressing was a lot harder than I thought. 

I got bogged down with too much information and trying to learn too many things. It was hard to sift through all the information. 

I got distracted by all the "right ways" to strum, hold the pick, learn chords, proper theory, etc that I got further away from why I started...

Most of my students over the years have told me they have been challenged by the same thing.

It can be daunting as a beginner or intermediate guitar player to listen to your favorites and be able to play them with ease right away. 

Sometimes there is overly complex chord progressions, key signatures, and strumming patterns that require hours and hours of googling or learning just to play one section.

It can be frustrating and time consuming to actually learn one song and then accumulate a repertoire of songs that you feel comfortable playing for that reason.   

Until now that is... 
Finally... Proof That Playing Your Guitar Favorited Is NOT Complicated 
I decided to create a method to take some of your favorite popular songs into only 4-chords in the key of G. 

It is the start of my new guitar series, Campfire Guitar. 

The idea behind this series is to simplify popular songs into only 4-chords so that once you know those 4-chords you can instantly be able to play hundreds of songs. 

Imagine being able to learn a new song every 5-10 minutes. 

That is exactly how and why this series is designed. 

Campfire Guitar: 10 Easy 4-Chord Songs In G

1 DVD, With Over 2 Hours Of Content
Campfire Guitar: 10 Easy 4-Chord Songs In G is quite literally a launchpad for beginner & intermediate guitar players. 

You'll be able to learn how to play popular songs using only 4-chords.  In this DVD we will explore 10 songs from CCR, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Joan Osborne, Bob Dylan, and more. 

You will learn to: 
Fast-Forward Your Skill and Technique (In Just 10 Minutes a Day)
Begin The Lessons From Your Current Level (Don't Start Over Your Head)
Tips On Technique, Hand Position, & Finger Placement 
→ Four Basic Strumming Patterns (diversify any song)
New Ways To Embellish Popular Songs As Your Progress
A New Song Repertoire of Classic Favorites To Bust Out On Any Occasion  
And So Much More!
Either Campfire Guitar: 10 4-Chords Songs In G
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I believe in the power of the lessons in this DVD Master Set so much that if after using it for 30 days you aren’t a believer, or seeing progress in the way you want to, simply return the DVD set. 
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