Expand Your Guitar Skills With Barre Chords  
If Barre Chords Have Always Been A Challenge For You, Then Watch this Video To Learn More...
Finally… The Best, Simple, and Most Straight-Forward Techniques and Exercises To Help You EASILY Master Barre Chords- starting TODAY!
This incredible DVD series provides 2+ hours of instruction, that literally takes you by the hand, starts with the easiest & best barre chords to learn, gives you proper hand position, finger placement and 
makes sure you can finally “get it” once and for all!
Campfire Guitar Volume III: Barre Chord Mastery includes a series of great lessons on “must learn,” fun, and classic songs… guiding you to become totally comfortable playing barre chords- and opening the door to an entirely new horizon in your guitar playing!

This new set is geared towards Intermediate Level Students, already familiar with open chords and comfortable with strumming and chord changes. 

You will learn: 
The Best Barre Chords To Start With
 Specific Instruction on Hand Position & Finger Placement
→ Exercises To Streamline Your Progress & Maximize Your Practice Time
→ Detailed Descriptions on The Two Main Families Of Chords Used As Barres
A Short Review On Strumming Techniques & Patterns
→ Charts with Chord Progressions for All The Songs
And So Much More!

Here's What Guitar Players Are Saying...

“Neil always provides detailed instruction in a very easy to understand manner. Keep up the good work!"

David H.

"Very good quality and easy to follow."

Mike M.

What To Expect From The Campfire Guitar Volume III Series
The lessons in this special DVD were created just for you- the intermediate student who is familiar with most open chords and comfortable with strumming and changing chords. 

If you apply these techniques and - practice diligently - you will notice barre chords becoming easier in just a week or two. Realistically, it may take a few months to master barre chords but you will be getting there in the fastest, best, and most efficient way possible. 

And once you’ve learned it, it’s just like riding a bike...you’ll be able to do it effortlessly the rest of your life! So it’s absolutely worth a little work up front. 

So What Are You Waiting For? 
Get Campfire Guitar Volume III: Barre Chord Mastery NOW!
...and learn barre chords in the best, most efficient way possible!
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