Learn To Simplify Your Favorite Guitar Songs
Using Just 3 Chords!
Master hits by Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and more, effortlessly...
Finally... The Songs You've Been Dying To Play Are Now Accessible In Under 5 Minutes
Your Friends Won't Believe How Many Songs You Know
This DVD series teaches you to break down the trickiest songs using 3 chords or less with 2+ hours of instructional video.
Campfire Guitar Volume II: Easy 3-Chord Songs is the doorway to mastering the most iconic guitar songs of all time... without learning new complex chord progressions.

You'll be sounding like a pro in no time with only 3 chords or less. We'll dive into 10 songs by Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and more...
You will learn: 
The Best Way To Finger Chords
 Tips On Technique, Hand Position, & Finger Placement
→ Exercises To Change Chords Quickly & Efficiently
→ Different Approaches To Strumming That Produce Magnifying Sound
Tips On Hitting Bass Notes Accurately
→ Ways To Embellish Songs As You Progress
And So Much More!
Here's What Guitar Players Are Saying...

“Wow... This DVD showed me it's possible to play the songs I thought it'd take years to learn. I've been getting so many compliments and I can't believe how good I sound. 5 stars!!"

J. DiMarco

“Neil's instruction made learning these songs so easy for me. At first I was intimidated by the finger placement technique, but he broke it down really simply and made it accessible for me."

T. Egan

“For a beginner like me, this was gold. I was wasting so much time trying to learn each song note by note. When I discovered Campfire Guitar Vol II, everything changed -- I now learn songs instantly."

T. Egan

“This set made learning these songs a breeze!! It's amazing how simple it was to play with the right tips. I'm feeling so much more confident in my guitar ability now."

S. Wilson

"I didn't know any of these songs to begin with, and I was surprised how easily I caught on. Now I can't stop playing them! Definitely some of my new favorites."

H. Seath

"This set has got something for everyone -- the variety of songs is incredible. Before getting this set, I hadn't stepped outside my comfort zone much and was sticking mainly to rock songs. Now I'm feeling inspired to explore other genres and am starting to become a much more versatile guitar player!"

T. Swanson

Get Campfire Guitar Volume II: Easy 3-Chord Songs NOW!
...and get ready to learn the songs you've always aspired to play!
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